Be Smart by Making Smart Choices in Life

Be Smart by Making Smart Choices in Life

So what’s the best air conditioner brand out there? The answer to this question lies in understanding the value a product offers under its price, built quality and features. EcoStar is one of the finest solutions to beat the heat this summer.

EcoStar has become a household name in a very short time. Over the years the brand has gained a significant market share in consumer electronics due to its state of the art technology, durability, and cost-effectiveness. After excelling in other consumer electronics this is the first time EcoStar has launched its air conditioner lineup.

G-SMART series provides Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners with three different capacities of BTUs.


G-SMART series has a very elegant design and adds to the ambiance of the room. The 1.5 Ton AC covered a relatively lesser space and both indoor and outdoor units seemed to have perfect dimensions for a medium sized room at home or office. The white color with a criss-cross pattern of silver lines gives a very sophisticated look and pleases the eyes. The indoor unit displays only the temperature on the digital panel and even with that, there is an option to turn it off through the remote control.

Key Features:

The focus here remains on smart capabilities and overall customer experience. As the physical appearance adds value to the room the technical features define the efficiency of the product.

Control Functions (Smart/Wi-Fi) technologies:

Control Functions (Smart/Wi-Fi) technologiesSmart ACs give greater accessibility and the ease of operating the unit from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, one can even turn the system on while they are on their way to home and enter a room with a pleasant environment. The technology is bound to provide energy and cost saving. Moreover, it increases the comfort level as the whole unit can be operated from a single mobile application without the hassle of finding the remote control every time.

Low Voltage Running 130V:

Low Voltage Running 130VThe one thing that makes this air conditioner very relevant for the Pakistani market is the fact that it runs on a very low voltage of 130V. It ensures the frequent flow of air even in low voltages. For a country like Pakistan which is still haunted by the specter of load shedding low voltage running becomes very important as the unit would stay safe even in fluctuations.

Super Quiet Noise Level:

Super Quiet Noise LevelMost air conditioners will fall somewhere in the range of 55-70db and are very similar in terms of noise levels. This is the reason why most companies do not market this feature, however, the noise level of the EcoStar G-SMART series is incredibly low and comes in at 18db, Keeping you comfortable silently by reducing the unnecessary operational sounds.

Multi-Health filters:

Multi-Health filtersMulti-health filters ensure that there is always fresh and clean air in the room and the indoor air quality is maintained at a superior level. The health filters clean and deodorizes the air to keep allergens and bad odors out of the room. Moreover, the refrigerant used in the EcoStar air conditioners is R410A which is according to the international standards. Global warming and climate change have become a huge issue in recent times thus it is appreciable to see that the government is taking corrective measures and big corporations are complying.

Long Air-Throw:

Long Air-ThrowOne of the most important features in an air conditioner is the throw it has. Even the furthest person in the room should be able to feel a pleasant cooling effect. We feel that 4D long air throw is exactly what’s required in the scorching heat of summers. EcoStar G-SMART air conditioners have a throw up to 50 feet.

EcoStar lineup of air conditioners is a good addition to the electronics industry of Pakistan. EcoStar G-SMART series is ranked at a very affordable price. It also saves energy up to 60% in all modes. The design is quite appealing and the size and weight of both indoor and outdoor units are in line with other options available in the market, which means that the system would fit perfectly where you intend to install it.

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    EcoStar world class products .....

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    Eco star has the most innovating and unique features.... I really want to have it in my house after my wedding...

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