Secrets of Frozen Food; Myth vs. Fact

Secrets of Frozen Food; Myth vs. Fact

Science and technology has revolutionized our lives but after all there exists some myths in our mind which are as persuasive as told by our ancestors. Sometimes we couldn’t find way out to neglect or ignore those traditional myths at all. Eastern world has a vast number of told myths regarding food and eating orders and disorders. More often these myths are neither lies nor confessions but just set standards which nobody has tried to testify oneself. Gree reveals what secrets frozen food has hidden in it which need to be understood and practices should be altered towards those.


Freezing Food Kills Bacteria

Yes only if you wash and dry before freezing that food. Do not freeze Fruits and vegetables right in the form in which they come from market neither with moist on them. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables and dry them before packaging. Always use clean containers to package foods to be frozen. Anti-bacterial gasket in Gree Refrigerator helps you easily remove the gasket from door while cleaning and replacing it which reduces the growth of bacteria.


Frozen Food is Less Nutritious

Are you conscious about healthy food? Have a fear of using frozen food because you doubt it’s nutritious or not? There is no harm using that frozen food with full confidence but Steam or microwave frozen vegetables instead of boiling before cooking as Steamed vegetables retain more of their nutrients than boiled vegetables. Tropical design of Gree is specially designed according to climatic conditions of Pakistan. Where temperature ranges makes it most suitable for food storage on our country.


Frozen Food Lasts Forever

There is no concept of forever exists in this world. Every food has an expiry limit for sure only its life span can be enhanced but it should be kept in mind that food placed in your refrigerator must be used within safest timeline of its usage. To ensure this it is best to place a sticker with mentioned date of stocking and also the “best before” date. Wide range temperature changing technology introduced by Gree, keeps food fresh and delicious for different kinds of food.

  • Raw meat – 4-12 months
  • Cooked meat – 2-4 months
  • Vegetables and fruits – 8-12 months
  • Soups and stews – 2-3 months

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