Gear up your GREE for Summer 2018

Gear up your GREE for Summer 2018

Summer season has already arrived in country. Like previously passed summers, severe heat wave is also expected this year. With day by day increasing temperature will also increase use of air conditioners. It is better to prepare air conditioners with a proper service or maintenance so they can give best results in peak season. Gree has been number one in educating consumers about their product. Following are few mandatory steps which should be taken to ensure air conditioner’s performance.

Check Air Filter:

One of the biggest mistakes is not replacing filters periodically. Air filters has a life of one year and they must be changed once a year. Right now check air filters to ensure they are clean as dirty filters slow air circulation. If dirty, first try cleaning filters. If that still doesn’t improve air conditioning efficiency, replace it with a new filter and then clean filters on a monthly basis. Clogged filters also cause many allergies and breathing problems. They are also a reason that why your AC don’t create fresh environment.

Windows are Covered and Tightly Closed:

Covering glass windows with some dark blinder sheets or curtains controls direct sun heat and light. Also ensure that any windows facing the sun are properly closed and there is no space as it will improve cooling time and process.

Cleaning Indoor & Outdoor Unit:

Now this is something you will be required to call a trained technician to get your indoor and outdoor unit serviced. It includes;

  • Cleaning around outdoor condenser unit
  • Vacuuming indoor vents and keeping vents unblocked
  • Checking pressure of gas
  • Clearing drain line by the indoor cooling coil
  • Ensuring that ventilation fins are open properly

Room Condition

Keep lamps and other heat producing appliances away from your thermostat.Having heat producing appliances near your thermostat will tell it that the air in your home needs to be cooled more, causing the system to run longer and work harder than it may need to. Also Insulate unit ducts. Energy savings is increased if ducts are sealed

Check Remote Control

It is always advised to remove batteries from remote controller in off season. But if you forgot to do so kindly have a check if your remote is working fine or not. It is also important to recall functions of remote buttons so find your AC manual and just have a look of remote functions and settings page once.

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  • by Mohsin Ali Mughal

    How to open indoor unit for cleaning of air filter on Gree GS-12FITH4WB Inverter Fairy Series 1 ton.

    • by Qanit Fahem

      You can open the AC lid from the bottom edges and lift the lid upwards to access the air filters.

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