Know Your Smart Features

Smart Features

Know Your Smart Features

Sync View

Sync View

A unique feature that provides you the facility to watch 2 contents at the same time on your U910 series with special Sync View Glasses (2 pairs) provided for free with each U910 unit. For example if you want to see a news channel and your brother wants to watch a movie on USB at the same time, now it is possible with Sync View feature. Now by wearing these glasses you can see



Understand 3D Glasses

EcoStar gives you 3D Glasses which helps you to see 3D movies and enjoy, feel & experience the world of reality just in front of your screen. It shows left and right images through different pattern in a circular polarizer. And left/right polarized glasses allow only left/right images to be seen respectively. Both images are combined in the brain and generate the 3D effect. The FPR technology uses the precise film which can distinguish the left and right images to show a different image for each eye. FPR 3D tech is able to deliver a brighter screen with less cross talk, less ghosting and no flickering.



Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Wireless Keyboard

With the help of Wireless Keyboard & mouse, the experience of using Smart functions on your U910 is much more greater. It also enables you to browse the internet much more effectively.



Understand Smart Remote

A very delicate and designer’s smart touch remote control with touch pad, built-in MIC, head phone jack for video calling if you are sitting far from TV. This headphone jack feature in Smart Remote also helps to listen to the sound of TV without disturbing others through hands free.

Smart RemoteTouch Pad Mouse
Off & On Button
Volume & Channel Button
Rechargeable Battery
Head Phone Input
Home Screen Button
Search Button & Many More….