LED Bulb A60 Rs.865/-
Series: E 27
Capacity: 10 W


EcoStar LED Bulbs offers a diverse range of power efficiency with latest green technology providing optimum performance at 220vac- 240vac. EcoStar creates innovation, quality and reliability in every LED Bulb it produces. It offers intelligent lighting to all types of commercial, residential, retail and industrial environments for maximum power, excellent product lifetime and first- rate lighting comfort. EcoStar LED Lights promises to deliver effective energy saving solutions where consumer can save upto 85% resulting in reduced electricity bills.

85% Saving   Reduced electricity Bills   One year Warranty   Lifetime upto 20 years/ 25,000 hours

  • 85% Saving*
  • Reduced electricity Bills
  • One year Warranty
  • Lifetime upto 20 years/ 25,000 hours


*Energy Saving compared to incandescent bulb
Based on 2.7 hours per day usage in an open fitting

Watts 10 W
Lumens 806
Bulb Size A60
Workable within 100V-240V
Base size E 27
Life 25,000 hours/ 20 years
CRI > 75%
Color Warm light (2700K) & Day Light (6500K)