IR SC160 Rs.18,500/-
Series: IRIS
Capacity: 1600 W


  • Self-Diagnostic System which automatically generates fault codes against each section depending on the nature of the problem in the Inverter.
  • High Speed / Rapid Charging
  • Advanced charging systemspecially designed to suit both gel & flooded local type batteries and local weather conditions
  • Built in Battery Deep Discharge Protection keeps the batteries, connected to the inverter, secure and provides Longer Power Backup.

Product Efficiency

  • Energy Efficient and Appliances/Electronics Friendly due to improved power factor upto 0.9 which is high as compared to other inverter brands.

Physical Appearance

  • Available in four attractive colors with variant capacity range starting from 900W and upto 1600W.
  • Compact, Lightweight & Sleek Built Design with multifunction LCD Display for clear demonstration of inverter operations.

Other Features

  • Noise Free and minimum care/ maintenance required.
  • Flexible Installation
  • Cost effective as compared to generators.
  • Strong and established after sales service centers all over Pakistan.
  • Customer can claim warranty upto 1 year.
  • Efficient Fan Speed. Internal Cooling System keeps the inverter cool and prevents it from getting heat up.
  • Available in 4 excellent colors (Metallic Blue , Red, Silver and Black)



Capacity 1600 W
Voltage Range 170-280 Vac for Narrow Range Mode 90-280 Vac for Wide Range Mode
Frequency Range(Input) 50Hz or 60Hz
AC Voltage Regulation 230Vac (+10%/-18%)
Frequency Range(Output) 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto Detection)
Transfer Time 20ms typical
Waveform Simulated Sine Wave
Battery Voltage 24V
Charging 10A/20A
Protection Discharge, Overload, Overcharge, Over Temperature and Short Circuit Protection
Low Battery Beep every second
Overload Beep every 0.5 seconds
Fault Continuous Beep
Operating Environment
Humidity 0%-90% RH @ 0-50 ℃ (non-condensing)
Solar Battery Charger
Max. Input Power 1200W
Max. PV Input Voltage 60V
Max. PV Input Current 50Amp