GREE U-Crown Series – A Premier Inverter AC

GREE U-Crown Series – A Premier Inverter AC

Withinthe summer, temperature all across Pakistan rises. The use of air conditionersisincreasedand the consumption of electricity is simultaneously escalated.

In order to provide a premium and reliable solution in the heat waves of summer, GREE – a global brand of quality electronics has introduced a wide range of superior andreliable Inverter air conditioners. U-Crown Series among all other inverters stands out as the most premium and high tech inverter AC.

Latest and powerful G-10 technology has incorporated in Gree inverters to meet expectations of consumers and creating much comfortable atmosphere.

Having a sleek built design, ultra slim U-Shaped body and a Wi-Fi operating system which can be operated through a mobile app, the #UCITH1 is a premium 1.5 ton Inverter AC. The U-Crown Series is also equipped with a 2 stage compression system, which makes cooling more powerful. The 4 way air-outlet system allows the room to get completely chill from all angles.

Filled with the R410A refrigerant which possesses zero damage to the ozone layer, this inverter AC not only uses low-voltage stabilization which prevents AC in fluctuations when voltages drop down, but is both eco-friendly andpocket friendly by saving maximum energy.

High density health filters are installed to ensure pure and healthy environment in rooms. These filters enhance efficiency and environment friendliness providing superior indoor air quality, making your home feel cleaner and fresher. Minimizing the pollution factor by plasma cold, charging electric ions which kill bacteria, whereby eliminating 99% of particles and microbes with an electro plasma filter. For people suffering with dust allergies, this is a plus.

The U-Crown Series provides an auto-voltage adaptation from 150-260 volts. This series is truly a collection of exclusive and elegant AC inverters, which are the best choice for both seasons.

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