EcoStar Talks for the Importance of drinking water and recommendations to optimize hydration

EcoStar Talks for the Importance of drinking water and recommendations to optimize hydration

There is no wonder when it is said, water is heart of life. This is why a human being can no longer survive without water longer than a few days. As the summer season has just arrived every health practitioner and medical expert advises to keep bodies regularly hydrated. Consumption of sufficient water, at least 8 glass or 2 liters per day, without waiting until you are thirsty, is essential to maintain a healthy water-level and helps the body function and grow smoothly.

One more thing to note importantly that water intake at right or ideal time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body.

Right time for drinking water should be;

  • 2 glass after wakening up
  • 1 glass before 30 minutes of meal
  • 1 glass before taking a shower
  • 1 glass before going to bed

Technology to promote good health –Water Dispensers

EcoStar’s water-dispensers are very easy to use, with numerous features for convenience and safety. These products are aesthetically designed to blend in with the interior décor at any home or office.

Dispenser’s refrigerant capacity 16 Liters whereas one model without refrigerant is ideally built for domestic use if cabinet is not required. In built Overheat Protection, LED Indicators for Hot & Cold, Energy-Saving, silent operation and Eco-Friendly technology are few of innovative technologies introduces in these artful pieces.

Promising a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for the consumers, EcoStar make sure to get them best quality products in affordable price.

EcoStar water dispensers are designed that energy saving at its best. They consume lesser amount of energy in performing a particular action either cooling or heating of water, as compared to any other dispenser. So in this way consumer get maximum amount of water with their desired temperature in minimum time. These compact and aesthetically designed dispensers are ideal for every place.


  • Install the product according to instruction
  • In case of damage get it serviced by technical team
  • Kindly turn off power when not in use
  • Never turn on heating switch when there is no water
  • Avoid placing product in rain or in humid environment
  • Hot water is hot enough to cause injuries, use hot water faucet carefully
  • Do not clean with chemicals or cleaner
  • Do not open refrigerator too frequently
  • Do not leave door of refrigerator open

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