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Put it at the best place

When it comes to the placement of your U910 series in relation to where usually sit can make a big difference. So find out below the ideal placement of your tv.

Screen Size

Ideal Distance


9 Feet


11 Feet

55" - 65"

13 Feet



Attaching The Stand & Wall Mounting

If you need to remove or assemble the stand please read the following instructions.

  • Before attaching/detaching the stand, make sure to turn off the TV.
  • Before performing work, spread cushioning over the base area to lay the LED TV on.
    This will prevent it from being damaged.
  • Assemble the stand and the unit together with four M4*10 screws (figure 1)
  • To disconnect the stand from the TV, perform the above steps in reverse order.

Your LED TV is able to accommodate wall mounting with the use of a wall mount bracket and the mounting holes on the back of the unit. We recommend removing the TV stand prior to wall mounting the TV.

  • After detaching the stand, fasten 4 mounting screws into the 4 screw holes on the rear cover, see the figure below.
  • Fasten wall mounting bracket with screws on the wall.
  • Carefully check for the strength before releasing the LED TV.


Please mount your TV on the strength of the wall for with standing the TV’s weight. Be careful not to scratch panel and TV cabinet when your fasten the screws on the TV.